Who We Are

We are headquartered out of Philippines, a fitting location where a booming business market meets innovation and technology. We are digital growth strategists equipped to face the constantly evolving digital marketing and working with the best quality leads while using the best platform to nurture them and close deals.

Working with a passionate and dedicated team behind the scenes, there are no limits to where Intelivex Online Shop is going. Through an optimal interaction of online marketing, we help to increase sales, reach and customers. All that your brand needs to stand out online and increase your triple bottom line.

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Our Mission

Intelivex Online Shop supports companies from all business sectors with their professional online and offline presence and demonstrably increases their sales and growth through unique performance-based marketing.

We give ‘Intelivex Online Shop’ an unfair advantage over old school business by showing them how to increase leads, attract more customers and drive more dollars to their triple bottom line.

Global Expat

A global expat is a local employee who a company sends to work in a foreign market. Essentially, an expat is an individual living and working in a country other than their country of citizenship.

Our offline presence, we do hire professionals job-seeking expat and send them to our clients’ business country.  An expatriate worker can bring the culture and processes of the local office to the new one.

Treaty of Friendship

It refers to the bilateral ties between the State of Israel and the Republic of the Philippines. Israel and the Philippines established full diplomatic relationships in 1957.

And with that treaty of friendship, we prepare to look for an Israeli professional expat to hire and to be part of our team.


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